Why Our Scene Is Failing

I think 2015 was the best year for UK underground music in history. Whether it be Grime or UK Rap, the attention being shown to our scene has been 2nd to none. However I don’t think our scene is at the greatest point it’s been. While my reasons behind why our scene is failing are debatable, It’s something i’m very passionate about.

When we talk about the names that currently bridging the gap, Skepta, Stormzy & Section Boyz are the names on the tips of everybody’s tongues. While Skepta’s talent is undeniable & Stormzy’s work rate has made him the biggest thing coming into the new year, The rest of the artists at the forefront of the scene aren’t up to the standard of the rest.

When I think about the best of the UK Rap era, the names Gunna Dee, Blade Brown, Nines, Skrapz etc, come to mind. However the majority of the people at the pillar of the scene today aren’t up to the lyrical or musical level of the rest. A large selection of the scene are rapping with the flow 67 created and every other song is about drugs and girls who don’t value themselves. Personally I miss the days of pirate radio where you was afraid to have the most basic or the worse verse in the room; That fear doesn’t seem to be in place today.

I personally would love to see someone as great as Cas Is Dead get the same respect and notoriety as a person such as a Fekky would get but we seem to champion the average MC’s while the significantly gifted Artists fly under the radar (I enjoy Fekky’s music by the way). I think the major blog’s are part of the problem too, there is no quality control with their posts, it is more about who is popping (whether the song is good or not) or who has paid them to put it up.

As a person who is passionate about music, I would prefer to see more people take time with their lyrics as opposed to telling me about ‘peng girls’ or how many people you’ve robbed or stabbed every song. Having said that the quality of the production at the moment is at it’s highest with producers such as Nana Rogues and more providing most of it.

I would just like us to continue improving our craft and providing good content for the listeners. Someone once told me you’re not a good rapper unless you can write a 16 about one thing 16 different times.

Let me know your thoughts about the scene today. Do you think I’m correct regarding why our scene is failing or is the scene flourishing in your opinion? Drop me a tweet, Facebook message or leave a comment below.

Peace & Love!

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