Where did WSTRN come from?

It must’ve been a month or two again when I walked into my 7month old Godson’s room and saw him fixated on the TV watching a video of these 3 black boys singing to a catchy beat. His reaction got me to take more notice of it and I found myself bobbing my head to it.

My first thought was “Isn’t that the guy from the Avelino remix?”, the second was “Isn’t that Angel’s brother A Star?”. I was right with both questions. My last enquiry was “Why didn’t I know about this?”. I was truly embarrassed that my Godson had heard it first.

This just lead to the underlying question of “Where did WSTRN come from?”. It was astonishing to see 3 young men from the hood receiving heavy rotation on mainstream music channels. It was obvious to see they had a Record Label behind them but how did they even get that? I don’t remember hearing anything as a collective from them before this. Nonetheless I am happy for the success and I am definitely a fan of both In 2 and also the remix.

They have recently released another song ‘Got Love’ this month. I invite you to check it out below and let me know what your first encounters of WSTRN were.

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