With all the controversy surround his verse on ‘KMT’ that featured on Drake’s ‘More Life’, Hollowman has released a new mixtape to address his doubters. Being that I am such a fan of his (even though I hated ‘Lanlord’), I decdided to do a Giggs – Wamp 2 Dem Official Mixtape Review. 1. Gully Niggas
Danzey invites ProdByWalkz Behind The Scenes of the video for his new single In Your Face Danzey is an Artist that has been garnering interest all over London for quite some time. Recently commanding a feature from East London’s Baseman on ’Do You Right’ as well as working on demo’s with multiple labels. Zey also
Mamy Dope returns after a long hiatus with ‘Misunderstood’ Some of you may not know, in my rapping career I was a part of a group called Love & Loyalty (Historic, Mamy & I). Mamy has always been extremely dope (pun intended) but has never been consistent due to other priorities. Recently he released a

Ekeno X Abra Cadabra – Trouble

By now we’ve seen how talented the young North London artist Ekeno is, however he’s been a bit quiet since Mista Silva’s ‘Goes Down’ Remix with Donae’o and himself. He’s now back with Trouble Ft Abra Cadabra and what a comeback it is. I’ve had it on repeat since he sent it to my inbox
Being that a trend has hit, I released my So Gone Challenge A few months as part of my Sample Walkthrough series, I sampled the original ‘So Gone’. So naturally I was happy when the #SoGoneChallenge started trending. Originally I just posted the episode by itself with the #SoGoneChallenge hashtag but later decided to do
Sub 10 Kicks off the Gone In 60 Freestyle Series Recently, my friends over at Imagination Media released the first of their Gone In 60 video series. It is a freestyle series where an artist had 60 seconds to showcase their talent. Sub 10 was first up. For anyone who has read my article on
Sub 10 & Double S bring back that nostalgic feeling with ‘They Never Knew’ Growing in Tottenham, there were countless reasons to be creatively inspired. In the wake of Grime being birthed, we had a plethora of MC’s and crews coming up in the game. I was blessed enough to witness the local rise of
One Biscuit A.K.A O.B is a young up & coming Rapper from North London. I came across the talented MC some 3 years ago as we both attended the same college. In those days I was still rapping, which led to a lot of friendly competition between us two. Back then he was young, hungry

Why the Industry needs Belly Squad

Anybody who has seen my last few articles ‘Am I the only one who is NOT a fan of Section Boyz’ & ‘Why our scene is failing’, will know i’m not very happy with the direction the scene is going in musically. For me the UK used to boast superior penmanship in a time where

Where did WSTRN come from?

It must’ve been a month or two again when I walked into my 7month old Godson’s room and saw him fixated on the TV watching a video of these 3 black boys singing to a catchy beat. His reaction got me to take more notice of it and I found myself bobbing my head to